Custom Blende

Let's talk color, life, and the perfect custom beauty product for you! Feel just like Shelby in the movie Steel Magnolias while saying, “Pink is my Signature Color”... we want to create your signature lip color and perfectly matching foundation that's unique to you. Whether you’ve never been able to find your perfect shade or finish or you have an upcoming special occasion, we know lipstick and foundation can play a major role. So why not create something you absolutely love and love to wear? Have a discontinued shade that you love? We can match that too!

Come solo- or bring Mom or your girl friends.. the more the merrier! One thing is for certain- you’ll feel like, really pretty...

how it works...

Our mixologists will expertly match your skin tone and complexion to create the perfect blende for you

Foundation Blende Bar 

Create your shade

Matte, Oil free, Enriched, or Mineral Tint Bases

select your finish

Your foundation will be made to suit your needs, whether you want a light, medium, or full coverage blende

choose your coverage

Boost your blende with our range of additives from anti-aging to ultra soothing to SPF & more!

choose an additive

Bespoke Foundation- New: $65 | Refill: $55
Bespoke Concealer- New: $45 | Refill: $35
Add a makeup class to complete your look- $100 (save $50)

how it works...

Our mixologists will work with our extensive range of pigments to create your perfect shade! 

lipstick Blende Bar 

Create your shade

Pick your custom base; creme, matte, vegan, or liquid matte

select your finish

From fruity, fresh, or floral!

add your flavor

Once you’ve selected your color, flavor & finish, we will make it for you on the spot! Pick a name and we’ll engrave your signature color on the tube

name it & engrave it

Bespoke Lip Color Single- New: $60 | Refill: $45
2 Bespoke Lip Colors + Lip Prep Kit - $120
Add a makeup class to complete your look- $100 (save $50)


In love with your Custom Blende? We keep a record of every product that we make so that you can easily reorder your favorite products! 

Host a Party

From birthdays to bachelorette parties to corporate events, we have customizable semi-private and private options. Each guest has the opportunity to sit down with a Custom Blende Artist for a color consultation to create a custom lipstick, lipgloss or foundation to take home. Plus, we'll make it extra special by throwing in a few treats, too. To get the party started, tell us more about your event.

Groups must be a minimum of 4 persons for the packages below and each guest must make a minimum of 1 custom blende beauty product.

Bespoke lipstick + bubbly + sweet treats & a special gift for the bride to be!
$70 per person

bride to be

Bespoke lipstick + bubbly + sweet treats
$65 per person

yes way Rosé 

Bespoke lipstick, lip gloss & lip pencil to match + bubbly + sweet treats
$110 per person

perfect lip kit

Bespoke foundation & concealer + bubbly + sweet treats
$95 per person

flawless face

Express facial + bespoke lip color + bubbly + sweet treats
$95 per person

pamper party

Create your bespoke lipstick & have your makeup done!
$175 per person

lips to lashes

Create your bespoke foundation & lipstick + have your makeup!
$225 per person

boujie babes

Our gift cards let you give the gift of completely customized beauty!